Why Pipeline

There is only a two percent difference between success and failure-and that two percent is the determination and singleness of purpose that makes us do things. Without it, we are just another airline-with it, nothing can stop us."- C.E. WOOLMAN Delta Founder

Why Pipline

Our passion

We maintain a high caliber leadership team in order to cultivate the best work environment. This culture embodies safety, dignity, accountability, and respect. Employees are driven by extending service above and beyond our customers’ expectations, and they encourage their peers in the same.

To best care for our employees, we offer top notch compensation, benefits, and career growth and development. We are not satisfied with mere success in the job; we long for each employee to thrive in our workplace and in their continued career.

We put our best foot forward as we expect the same from you. When we both commit to diligence in honor, we empower each other in excellence.


Our PFE Program

The Potential Full-Time Employee (PFE) program was created to give talented and hardworking people the chance to work for one of the best airlines in the world. We understand that not everyone has a shining portfolio to help them get their dream job, but they are still fully capable of making a positive impact in the workplace.

While being a PFE, you will undergo extensive, structured on-the-job training for a total of 6 months. During this time, you are evaluated to fully determine whether you are a good fit for our team, and you will have a chance to determine if Delta is a good fit for you.

In addition, this program supports our Skills and Trades School Partners throughout the country by providing positions for high potential students and graduates.


  • Chris Landau

    You couldn't make a better decision to start a lifelong career… There is no better feeling then knowing you work for

  • Jance Reynolds

    We all work to achieve similar goals and learn and grow together.

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Our values

Unity in the workplace sends us the extra mile.

if we truly appreciate each other and pursue excellence, then our teams will operate synergically. We value people and staying rooted in this awareness keeps us on track.